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It's Where America Swims

Anthony & Sylvan’s commitment is to provide you with everything needed to maximize the enjoyment of your backyard. New pool and spa installations, modernization of existing pools, equipment, service, supplies and backyard extras – Anthony & Sylvan is the one-stop shop for all your needs.

We are among America’s largest installers of custom-designed in-ground concrete residential swimming pools and spas.

It's Where America Swims™ is more than a slogan. It represents our base of more than 360,000 pools installed over the past 50+ years and a reputation synonymous with quality and integrity. More than 58 years ago, America’s two greatest swimming pool companies were founded – Sylvan Pools in Pennsylvania in 1946 and Anthony Pools in California in 1947. Both of these companies were innovators in service, design and installation. They both excelled in their field and grew to become nationally prominent names within the industry. These two swimming pool giants joined forces in 1996 to become Anthony & Sylvan Pools Corporation. We fulfill the backyard dreams for thousands of families each year through our network of almost 40 company-owned sales and design centers serving 22 metropolitan markets in 16 states. Annually, we install among the highest number of swimming pools of any company in the growing U.S. market.

In addition to new pool sales, we offer modernization services in several of our markets to update your existing pool. Our pool service centers, available in limited markets, can help you keep your pool or spa in tip-top order.



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